The Results Are In

May 17, 2009 at 4:48 am (Blogging, Gaming)

Well the only PC game I’ve installed since putting in the new CPU was WoW. And the FPS is much higher thankfully. For once I get 60 steady fps in Orgrimar, and I don’t drop to 1fps when I’m in shat.

I’ll probably install Team Fortress 2 and L4D tomorrow night.

A couple of months ago I bought a PS2 slim, those things are tiny compared to the fat PS2s. It’s rediculous.

I got the nostalgic feeling from playing old games that used to get me so excited. Way of the Samurai, Burnout 3, Orphen. And I’ve purchased some of the ‘newer’ older games that I never bothered with before, Tekken 5 and Shadow of the Colossus (which I fucking love). Opening up the Shadow of the Colossus box you instantly know it’s badass; only badass games have full color manuals and are printed vertically instead of horizontally.

I really loved the way they animated your character in SotC, I love the way it looks cartoony in motion yet very very realistic. He even trips when walking on certain environments. I played alot of it tonight, I’ve gotten up to #6 I think, and boy is that guy a bitch. He just spammed his head shake move for the entire duration of my grip, really pissed me off because I couldn’t move either.

Checking for boogers

Checking for boogers

Not to forget finding my old Viewtiful Joe disc; I used to adore that game, I even still have Joe’s HMD shirt in a plastic sealed bag.  Henshin a go go yeaa..

I recently discovered that there is a Way of the Samurai 3. I don’t know how I missed it, I remember pre ordering Way of the Samurai 2 and going to the store every day to check if it was in, and watching the video reviews on Gamespot while furiously masturbating out of excitement. But yeah, Way of the Samurai 3 has not been announced for NA release (same with the PSP version of Way of the Samurai). It’s unfortunate and if they don’t release it for NA and I can’t find a way to mod my 360 to play imports then I’m just going to have to buy a freaking PS3 JUST for Way of the Samurai 3. (And LBP of course)

I’ve looked at some videos of it, and it doesn’t seem like it has the instant kill like 2 had *thank god* I thought that ruined the game tbh. I always played for the ending where you take Sayo with you when you leave. Fuck yeah, I love playing as a samurai who doesn’t talk, is badass and cares for the weak. Then sometimes I’ll make the model to look like the crazy hair guy and pretend like I’m Mugin from Camploo.

Speaking of which there’s a Champloo game out for PS2. It doesn’t look great, but I honestly <3ed the series as much as I loved Cowboy Bebop. Only difference is I didn’t cry at the end of Champloo. (SPIKE NOOO!!!!)

Other games I want… Ed Edd and Eddy. Yes, it looks awful, and gameplay is probably stale but I love Ed Edd and Eddy. Also the new Batman game looks pretty badass, but I probably wont buy/rent for years. I don’t know why I’m like that now, I used to get games right away but now I get psyched for a few weeks and then forget about them for years (take SotC for example, I jizzed my pants when I played the demo from the PSUnderground mag but I never bothered to get it until today).

Interesting tidbit:

English name – Shadow of the Colossus.

Jap name – Wander and the Colossus.

Doesn’t the Japanese version of the name sound like a childrens afternoon show?

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