June 9, 2009 at 9:00 pm (Blogging, Gaming, Tech)

Yeah it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been working alot on school, it’s summer but I’ve signed up for 5 week classes to try and graduate a year faster.

When I haven’t been studying I’ve been playing games. Not WoW, unfortunatly I can’t get back into it and I don’t know why..

I’ve been messing with more Emulators, I do have the new PS2 slim but I don’t have one of those cards to flip the drive open, so I can’t play my burned games. I’ve been playing the PCSX2 0.9.6 emu, it works really good with my rig. Graphics isn’t an issue if you’re looking into Emulating the GCN or PS2, they mainly use CPU, and having Dual Core is a huge plus. Naruto Shippuden Accel 2 works like a dream with my E2220.

That was gameplay recorded with Fraps. I get about 60 FPS in game.

Dolphin version 3300 works great too. I play Animal Crossing on it mostly, but I’ve successfully played a few games on it. With Dolphin you have to manually select the option to use both cores of your CPU. Other wise it acts like a single core and it’s SO SLOW.

Here’s a list of games I’ve tested that work, with links to recorded video by me and settings if needed to change from default.

PCSX2 0.9.6:

GunGrave – 40 FPS. Playable. Youtube. Settings.

Naruto Shippuden Accel 2 – 60 FPS. Playable. Youtube. Settings.

Kingdom Heats – 50 FPS. Playable. Same settings as GunGrave.

The Bouncer – 30-60 FPS. Playable but it goes from slow to fast. Settings.

Dolphin 3300:

Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 – 25 FPS. Playable. Youtube.

Animal Crossing – 50 FPS. Playable.

Bloody Roar – 20 FPS. Playable. Youtube.

Super Mario Sunshine – 15 FPS. Playable. No Sound. Youtube.

When playing these Emulators, I don’t own a game pad and I don’t like the thought of using my keyboard for PS2 or GCN. So I used the PSP Homebrew known as “WifiController”. It works amazingly well, and even for other games like Devil May Cry 4 on PC.

To use WifiController, you put the homebrew files onto your PSP, and edit the config to point to your computers IP Address. Then from your computer you run the WifiServer, start the WifiController on PSP and connect it to your network via Wifi. If the WifiServer is running on your PC it will connect through the router and you can then use your PSP as a gamepad.

To get Dolphin, visit

To get PCSX2, visit

To get PSP WifiController, visit

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