Baaah Alliance

July 8, 2009 at 5:02 pm (Gaming)

Well I’m almost 80 in WoW now. Heh this game sucks but I want 80 so bad I’ve spent all my time towards achieving that goal.

Right now I’m 77, Alliance sucks big time apparently in World PvP.

I’m only attacked when there is a group of Alliance players, but solo ones will usually run. Unless they’re Shamans. Shamans can kick my ass all over the place when they catch me off guard. For example last night I was completely destroyed by a Shaman I had taunted an hour or so earlier. Really got to me because he had to drop tons of totems and summon those spirit wolf things to fight me.

So I sat and watched my little Draenei friend try to quest, once he looked busy I killed him and /lol’d a whole bunch. That’s all I’m planning on doing when I’m 80 is gank. I really want to be known on the realm as a huge jerk rogue.

Myself and a friend were in Westfall a few nights ago chilling, not ganking and a group of like 6 Allys came to kill us. It was so funny, they were camping his body and I decided to un-stealth and dance to get them to chase me. I didn’t die, it’s like herding sheep.

Anywho, my math class is killing me, so I draw instead. Here are the many expressions of my Blood Elf rogue.

Itsa me Belf!

Itsa me Belf!

I plan on getting 80 by Sunday. Test tomorrow so I’m going back to studying. Also I’ve got my Xbox 360 wired controller and played Dreamcast games on my PC flawlessly, too lazy to pull my ‘cast out of its box. I’m setting up my PS2 emu too atm. Until next time.

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