July 19, 2009 at 5:41 pm (Blogging)

So sometimes having aspergers can be a good thing.
I am trying to study more, I’ve made note cards see?

I'm studified.

I'm studified.

Anyhow I was bored and browsing OneManga.com’s forums, I don’t have an account there and I never post but I lurk alot, particularly for suggestions on good slice of life manga (there are never any new good ones).

I came across a thread talking about a Manga Competition. I was really interested in working on my story for my comic but this was a good time as ever to get excited about it. But the theme rules are “Love, Journey and Death” and I have to pick 2. Of course it’s going to be Love and Journey, or maybe both. And frankly my story Deep Kick is way to long to pump out by the end of August. So I’m writing up a new one, I’m pretty psyched, even made me sign up to their forums although, I don’t post. I used t o be huge on forums but I’m just bleh about it now.

Look for my concept ideas and excerpts on here. I’m going to study for a bit more then get to work on writing!


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