Episode 297 – Late Start! Runo Makes A Comic.

August 12, 2009 at 8:25 pm (Blogging)

Yeah. Late start lol. I’ve been WoWing it pretty hardcore for the pretty much whole of my 2 1/2 weeks of summer break.

Also I’ve been watching One Piece anime pretty much non stop on my 2nd monitor, OP is one of my favorites.

Nevertheless after countless times of putting off drawing for “just one more dungeon” or “just one more bg” I’ve finally gotten down to business.

My entry is going to be NC-17, it has rape and it has murder. Isn’t that awesome? No nudity, well maybe a little nudity I haven’t decided, but I have drawn the scenes. Infact… those are the only scenes I’ve drawn.

One could say the quote from mikuridono‘s doujinshi of bakuman. “For you to sink so low as to drawing chicks getting screwed only shows how shallow of a human being you are!!!” < link >.

I can’t help that, if I didn’t put these scenes in in the first place I probably wouldn’t have even started drawing. Oh bother. Preview scans tomorrow. Maybe.. Unless EE releases a new GTO 14 Days, I’ll be hooked on that for a whole 48 hours because GTO is the best thing to hit manga since Lupin.

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