Prepared to fight the TTNSZ

Prepared to fight the TTNSZ

When the Newtype Runo isn’t saving the world from Time Traveling Nazi Space Zombies, he is attending a local university attempting to graduate in computer science. Runo has a low attention span and often spends time re teaching himself everything he should have learned in high school. Runo dreams of surfing in the future, but at the moment he is spending his days jogging at 7:30 in the morning.

Runo fancies video games, and writing stories. He enjoys drawing and wishes to make a his story Deep Kick into a comic one day. Runo has many dreams of how he wants to live his life out; however his mind plays tricks and keeps him set on one thing for about 3 weeks until he finds something else he’d rather achieve in the future.

Runo curses life and all of it’s BS, while at the same time looks on the bright side. It could be hella worse and he wont have any of that, he knows he should enjoy the good life while the Time Traveling Nazi Space Zombies are kept at bay.

Runo doesn’t conform, Runo doesn’t follow, Runo doesn’t lead. Runo is Runo. Perhaps one day, you will understand the meaning in those words.

DOB: –/–/1988

Home: USA

Occu: Time Traveling Student

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