Youtube Sovereignty

July 3, 2009 at 11:19 am (Blogging, Tech, World)

Someone stop Youtube they are out of control.
I’m sure it’s their new “auto” scripts to match key words to videos that are now uploaded to stop copy right but it is ridiculous.

ruined videos

ruined videos

Ok, ok I might have uploaded a scene from Burn Notice, I get why they cut that. But Rock Band?
Come on! I had to sit through writing disputes for each one of those videos, not to mention how they ruin my W40k painting vid by muting it, when there’s music with blue screens every where on youtube.

This takes me to a rant about music copyrights, but right now I have to write my disputes and get a new window for my car. (yeah some asshole broke into it last night, isn’t that awesome!?)


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Starting Anew

June 30, 2009 at 11:13 pm (Blogging, Gaming, Tech)

So I started once again in WoW. I was 71, a friend basically took me around by my hand and did my quests for me to get to 72. Then he kicked me out the door and told me to do it on my own.

I’m lazy in WoW. I have no drive. All I want to do is be end game and gank. That’s what made private servers so appealing. But the reason I’m playing WoW is because it’s hard to get to end game. Therefore … more scrubs to gank.

I leveled up while doing Bonfire quests.  I just need to beat Ahune to get the title Flame Keeper. Then it’s back to boring leveling again.

Enough WoW for now!

Other news..

I started my summer classes — well class. Pre Cal 2, 5 week course. It’s super hard. I have no clue what the teacher is saying, I asked a classmate for help and I was just baffled at what came out of his mouth for an explanation.

Not surprised, pre cal 1 I had to teach myself everything at home. Sucks though because I’m totally wanting to hit 80 so all my time is in WoW instead of school. Ugh it’s just like my senior year of high school.

I’m going to start my homework no worries. Tomorrow I’m going to teach myself everything (not tonight I just played WoW for 5 hours and am about to go to sleep). I’ll do my homework tomorrow afternoon and do a few raids before bed. Hopefully it’ll work out.

I totally bombed a worksheet we had to do in class today, So I’m going to try to redo it tomorrow and see if he will take it again.

I’ve got a new scanner. CanoScan LiDE 100.

60 bucks off amazon, does wonders for my line art. Example:

Yeah.. self portrait ftw

Yeah.. self portrait ftw

Reso is much bigger but I shrank it for the post.

This gives me alot of ideas. I’d like to try my hand at animation, frame by frame and scanning them into adobe premier.

It’s funny all this happened when I was all ready to start my Machinima of WoW (subject is classified atm 😉 ).

My first project was just testing voice sync. I was so freaking lazy I didn’t do frame by frame I just cut and pasted all over the place. Here it is, with voice from the intro to Misadventures of Flapjack.

I’ll have to pick one or the other. But these decisions make me bleh.

Other news, I’ve got a New but very old G4 PowerMac. It’s 2x 500Mhz, 1gb ram. I installed OS X 10.5 Leopard on it. If you’ve happened to come across this post from googling that, just hold Option + O + F when booting to bring up Open Firmware and type in the following to over clock your cpu to 876Mhz while installing. It will revert back to norm speed after instalation.

dev /cpus/PowerPC,G4@0
d# 867000000 encode-int ” clock-frequency” property
boot cd:,\\:tbxi

and if you have dual cpu like me use this instead

dev /cpus/PowerPC,G4@0
d# 867000000 encode-int ” clock-frequency” property
dev /cpus/PowerPC,G4@1
d# 867000000 encode-int ” clock-frequency” property
boot cd:,\\:tbxi

OS x 10.5 runs pretty swell on a dual cpu. I’m actually holding it until the real owner desires to use it (family member). If it was mine I’d be ALL OVER it installing a bunch of awesome apple software.

I’m a mac fan at heart. They’re just so damn expensive.

Back to reality…

I have no ambition atm, even though I should be super happy, I’m loosing weight and exercising (lost 40 lbs over the past 7 months) I’ve got a nice scanner, a high level in WoW. This is just one of those depressive nights where you just don’t feel it.

Alas, tomorrow is a new day.

Cross your fingers.

Within the next few weeks on Saturday nights I will be broadcasting Shenmue 2 on the Sega Dreamcast with commentary on my JUSTIN.TV channel so keep watch for schedule.

Also if you have time check out my friends channel, he usually broadcasts every day with rockin music while he plays wow and/or streams some awesome anime. I’m going to be doing a weekly comic strip for his channel soon.

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June 9, 2009 at 9:00 pm (Blogging, Gaming, Tech)

Yeah it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been working alot on school, it’s summer but I’ve signed up for 5 week classes to try and graduate a year faster.

When I haven’t been studying I’ve been playing games. Not WoW, unfortunatly I can’t get back into it and I don’t know why..

I’ve been messing with more Emulators, I do have the new PS2 slim but I don’t have one of those cards to flip the drive open, so I can’t play my burned games. I’ve been playing the PCSX2 0.9.6 emu, it works really good with my rig. Graphics isn’t an issue if you’re looking into Emulating the GCN or PS2, they mainly use CPU, and having Dual Core is a huge plus. Naruto Shippuden Accel 2 works like a dream with my E2220.

That was gameplay recorded with Fraps. I get about 60 FPS in game.

Dolphin version 3300 works great too. I play Animal Crossing on it mostly, but I’ve successfully played a few games on it. With Dolphin you have to manually select the option to use both cores of your CPU. Other wise it acts like a single core and it’s SO SLOW.

Here’s a list of games I’ve tested that work, with links to recorded video by me and settings if needed to change from default.

PCSX2 0.9.6:

GunGrave – 40 FPS. Playable. Youtube. Settings.

Naruto Shippuden Accel 2 – 60 FPS. Playable. Youtube. Settings.

Kingdom Heats – 50 FPS. Playable. Same settings as GunGrave.

The Bouncer – 30-60 FPS. Playable but it goes from slow to fast. Settings.

Dolphin 3300:

Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 – 25 FPS. Playable. Youtube.

Animal Crossing – 50 FPS. Playable.

Bloody Roar – 20 FPS. Playable. Youtube.

Super Mario Sunshine – 15 FPS. Playable. No Sound. Youtube.

When playing these Emulators, I don’t own a game pad and I don’t like the thought of using my keyboard for PS2 or GCN. So I used the PSP Homebrew known as “WifiController”. It works amazingly well, and even for other games like Devil May Cry 4 on PC.

To use WifiController, you put the homebrew files onto your PSP, and edit the config to point to your computers IP Address. Then from your computer you run the WifiServer, start the WifiController on PSP and connect it to your network via Wifi. If the WifiServer is running on your PC it will connect through the router and you can then use your PSP as a gamepad.

To get Dolphin, visit

To get PCSX2, visit

To get PSP WifiController, visit

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Ipod Hacks

May 23, 2009 at 3:28 pm (Blogging, Tech)

Well I woke up this morning and was really bored, so I decided to look up some things on hacking the ipod, I’ve owned it for about a year now and I figured if anything happened to it, I could just buy a new hard drive and start over.

After googling I read about how you could play Gameboy games with the firmware known as “Rockbox“. Installation was easy both manually and using the installer, I did it both ways assuming I missed something when I did it manually and started over.

I was pleased with the themes they had, very nifty little things (yay can play .flac files now!) and the ammount of plugins available were great too, Jpeg viewer, Chess and GB emu. However when I booted up Pokemon Crystal (the mere thought of being able to play a pokemon game discretely at uni had my mouth watering) the emu ran really slow. Sound was skipping and the video was lagging. Such a disapointment after risking possible brickage of a 400 dollar machine. Ok ok  I only payed 100 for mine but for a poor person like me that’s alot.

Well on to uninstalling it! I read in the forums that iPod Linux was able to run GB games 100% but not GBC. Pff, a 100% working Pokemon Red beats a 80% working Pokemon Crystal any day. I loaded up the Installer because the manual assured me it would uninstall both manual and automatic installations of rockbox. DONOT believe this.

I uninstalled it with the program, popped my iPod out and restarted it. My christmas morning excitment was soon destroyed, apparently the Rockbox installer forgot one important detail. To uninstall the fucking boot loader. What the hell? How is it supposed to uninstall it when it leaves the boot loader on there? So now my iPod was determined to try and find missing Rockbox files and only gave me two options. Hard reset (Menu+Select) or Hard Disk Mode (Select+Play).

Of course to my luck enabling disk mode did not work. Awesome!

So I spent the last hour and half pissed off and trying all sorts of combinations to enable disk mode, which did involve me just holding the damn keys for 15 minutes straight, feeling the little fuck of a hard drive in the iPod spinning and grinding its way resisting my touch. Eventually I got it working though.


Reset the iPod, while it’s off switch on the Hold switch. (I was just fucking around with it at this point, after giving up completely on the damn thing I was about to start looking for my other mp3 players) Well when I switched the Hold switch on while it was resetting the iPod froze at it’s Apple logo for about 3 minutes, I still had the usb plug in it, I turn off the Hold switch and next thing I know it pops up the old fucking iPod firmware and “Do dun!” it’s detected on my PC.

Right now I’m restoring my iPod through iTunes, and will be installing iPod Linux soon. If I can play Pokemon without people looking at me weirdly then I will be happy.

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Setting up

May 12, 2009 at 5:34 am (Blogging, Tech)

Well just finished installing everything.

Took alot longer than I had thought, it was like my first time building a PC. Slow, making lots of mistakes and trying to fit plugs where they shouldn’t go.

Took a break in the middle to see the new Star Trek movie, and it was awesome. I hope they do more with this new cast, Simon Pegg was the best as Scotty.

Back to the new CPU..

Installing windows right now, so I can’t say for performance. But the CPU fan that comes with it is freaking LOUD.

Here’s the new setup.



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