Youtube Sovereignty

July 3, 2009 at 11:19 am (Blogging, Tech, World)

Someone stop Youtube they are out of control.
I’m sure it’s their new “auto” scripts to match key words to videos that are now uploaded to stop copy right but it is ridiculous.

ruined videos

ruined videos

Ok, ok I might have uploaded a scene from Burn Notice, I get why they cut that. But Rock Band?
Come on! I had to sit through writing disputes for each one of those videos, not to mention how they ruin my W40k painting vid by muting it, when there’s music with blue screens every where on youtube.

This takes me to a rant about music copyrights, but right now I have to write my disputes and get a new window for my car. (yeah some asshole broke into it last night, isn’t that awesome!?)


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